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Mommy You Got This!
Mommy Moments from my life to help encourage your heart.

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Activity Days

We all loved going to our Activity Days. They were once a month gathering for all the Homeschool families,

Daddy's Matter

Mommy Moment… Preborn babies respond to the sound of their mother’s voice. They also respond to the voice of Daddy. I love that! But do...

Mommy's Matter

Your time isn't wasted. Your days are not squandered. You are vital to your children.

Teaching Kindness

Teach kindness, demonstrate it every chance you get…in the grocery store…and at home. Kindness is infectious. You want your kids to get it.


I did always say, “Everybody get a hand.” Which meant we all held hands as we walked away from the car and into the store.

Eggs, Anyone?

"That light isn't working right. It's casting an odd shadow. Suppose one bulb is out?"

Fight the Good Fight

All of the negative events of my past could have driven me away from God, but I understood a little about the battle.

Learning To Trust

I have felt like that little one who is afraid to jump in. Will He really catch ME? Am I worthy to be caught? --The answer is...YES!

Praying For A Spouse

If you are looking forward to a relationship, I want to tell you that God has a Godly spouse for you. Don't rush, be patient.

God Is So Good!

We had absolutely no furniture in our front room. None. Nada. No comfy couch. No rocking chair. No TV.

Every Step You Take

She was like a kid in a candy store when Christmas morning came around that year. She could hardly wait to open gifts!

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